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Replacing the Fuel Sender W124 Wagon

I just finished this for my 1994 E320 wagon. Parts Shop sells the sender for $125. In my case that was only part of the cost. It is easy enough to remove the felt bottom under the third seat - you do not have to remove the entire seat, just the bottom of it, then fold the felt up against the back of the seat, which must remain upright. Hold the felt in place with the seat belts and some duct tape. The fuel sender is under a white plastic cap. Despite information to the contrary, sometimes (like this time!) they ARE on TIGHT. A crescent wrench will NOT remove it since it cannot access the hole in the floor to get a grip on the sender. Water pump pliers did not work either - could not exert enough force on it. The only item I found that worked was a 1 13/16 socket you can buy at Sears for $20, plus another $50 for the 3/4 breaker bar since there is no adapter for 1/2 inch to 3/4 at Sears. Everything else was dead simple - in my case the sender body had fallen away from the mounting nut. Anyone want to rent a Fuel Sender Removal Tool?
Chip Johnson
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