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Does it make sense to be hard on something you really love? I think it's silly. I really love my car, deep down inside I think if I lost my three pointed star I'd be devasted! But I still say bad things about it. Maybe I'm too picky.

I love the air-cooled engines. I never drove my own but I worked for a guy who restored them so I got to wash a lot of parts and paint a lot of engine tin, and yes, test drive a lot of them. During that whole time I never stopped complaining about Porsche owners and their stupid cars. I drove a '69 VW bus parts hauler that was more reliable than some of these cars. One guy calls me up on his cel phone, sticks it out the window and asks me "hear that noise? What's that noise?" Yep these cars are a PITA but when you hear that telltale whistling sound of that (rebuilt) turbo spoolin' up you'll be hooked!

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