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Got it done!

Hi Bill, I finally managed to locate one shop which does sell the "Idle Control Valve", and its all thanks to your help in getting me the part number. I cant wait to replace that valve and thats why I prefer not to place an international order as that would take up quite some time. Its always an anxiety-filled driving experience when you know the car's gonna stall on you anytime. And you can say I'm pretty upset over it.But I appreciated your help and advice.

Now that I got the new valve on, I feel much more assured and driving has been more a pleasure. At the same time, the "Ignition Control Module" has been diagnosed to be the other half of the cause of the stalling problems, and I also got it replaced today. No doubt I spent US$200 on these 2 small items, but I think its worth it.

Test drove the car quite a bit today, and it doesnt stall anymore even when I tried simulating situations closest to that causing a stall. I'm glad!!

And Benzman,I'm gonna do a check on my fuel pump relay soon, and be sure that this tip is another great one.Many thnks guys!

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