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I have searched for this topic on both Diesel Discussion and this forum. I need the exact how to of replacing a block heater. After driving it for two months only when it gets warm enough (31+), I am tired of it. I want to fix it.

I have no spark when at the plug when plugging the block heater in and I can't start the car in the morning after it has been plugged in all night.

Has anyone ever done this job without a lift? What were the challenges? Any recommendations?

I have found the block heater, but it seems difficult to get to. Do I need to remove the air filter or exhaust manifold to get to it? I read about one guy, who recommended taking it to a shop, and he said he couldn't do it with a 4' cheater bar. How do you get something that long in there?

I know that I have an actual block heater, not just a hose heater.

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