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My bro just asked me what I thought the clicking noise he just found in his car coming from the front of the engine is.

I have a suspicion it is either a loose valve or the timing chains are rattling.

I could be wrong here, but I would rather not chance it.

His car has 155k on it give or take a bit.

Its a 1985 380SL with the dual timing chain.

Car runs good otherwise.

he describes the click as very slow at idle, then it gets very fast under acceleration.

I have advised him to not drive the car until we know what this is.

If its the chain I don't want him to end up with valve job as well, and if its a valve, I don't want it to come loose and fall into the cylynder.

What do you guys think it is.

And depending on what it is, what are estimated labor charges.

The car itself has not broken but if the problem noise I describe sounds like one of my ideas on it, what would the estimated labor charge and parts charge be?


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