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I have a 280SL question (engine #130-983-12-003813). I am trying to re-start the car after 7-year dry storage. The fuel was flushed and treated prior to storing. Put new fuel in, the pump is getting the fuel to the injection pump, the fuel is getting to the cold start valve, yet no fuel is coming out of the 6 - 1/4" lines feeding the cylinders. Plenty of fuel exits the injection pump to return to the tank. Looking at the manual, it says that I am to push the control rack rod. I am to use an m5 bolt (am I correct that this is a 5mm?). Question is that the schematic shows the rod, but I cannot figure out what to do.

I believe that the injection valves (could be called something else) may be stuck in the up position thus not allowing fuel to go to the lines.

Second question: should I add oil into the injection pump if this is a 280? Where and how much in american measure?


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