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Larry / dwang.

Yes of course changing and bleeding the fluid is only done when cold. I tend to do my fluid changes every year and under cover, usually first thing in the morning with a pot of fresh coffee made. Sticking to the common sense procedures for jacking the car and removing the road wheels, I can usually have the car done before noon. I will always flush the fluid through a few times to ensure that all the air is out and I have a system full of clean, new fluid. I have made a non return valve from an LP gas brass check valve and a length of new hose and a clean glass jar. I have had plenty of suces this way, on the Mercedes cars equally as well, ABS/SRS and all.

I had a nasty experience once in Hong Kong with a Volvo 144 whilst on a day out in the New Territories, family, kids and everyone on board. I thought I smelt what I thought resembles a slipping clutch smell for a few miles before braking for a set of stop light. It scared the livein bejabers out of me when the pedal went to the floor ! I was luck enough to stop with the manual gearbox and handbrake without further incident. I had the car towed home and sorted it out the following day, all it needed was some new, clean, moisture free fluid. Boy, did that teach me a lesson !

You too, have a real good day !
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