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I have to step in and put a word in for BMW. I have a 1984 e30 325e, and the car has never had a single problem since my dad bought it brand new in 1984. The car has 199,000 miles on it and every original part is still in the car, except for the usual culprets such as fan clutch, radiator, etc. The engine has never been opened and burns next to nil oil. I see almost no movement on the dipstick in between oil changes and have observed that the car must burn oil at a rate no more than 1 quart every 6-8 thousand miles. The car even has the original clutch in it and it is still not slipping. Granted, the clear coat is coming off the car and it does need a repaint, there is no body rust anywhere on the car. It has never left anyone stranded and has never even broken down once in 16 1/2 years. It also gets 30 MPG on the highway and even more if you are going under 60-65 MPH. I love this car and think it is unbelievble as far as reliability, build quality, etc.
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