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Wierd Chevy

It's WIERD!!! the morning, when it's cold (the motor) it fires right up...I mean instantaneously. If you drive it for a while, then cut it off, and start it right up again it starts immediately. But, if after you drive it, and let it sit for more than an hour, it wont start. I mean it turns and turns and turns but you have to hold the ignition for about 6-10 seconds before it will start. And when it does start, you can smell gas from the exhaust like it was flooded. It's odd. It will start when its been sitting over night, start when sitting 10 minutes, but not start if it's been sitting more than an hour. Now...thats wierd. I hate to take it to the dealer.

I've changed the starter, fuel filter, still does it. I'd change the pump but it's $400.00 and wouldn't mind if I know that'll do it.

Peter Balias
1992 400E
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