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Robert, To remove the seat you need to raise the height asjustment as high as it goes, then slide the seat all the way forward. This will give you access to the 2 bolts at the rear. Once this is done lower the seat and push it all the way back. This will lwt you get at the 2 upfront. The only thing left is to unbolt the seatbelt buckle support rod that runs along the seat and bolts into the hump in the back. Like someone mentioned earlier, these seats are heavy as hell. MB did not use any aluminum in these seats like most manufactures do. This is an all steel seat, they did not fool around building these. Getting a helper would be well advised. The seat back is attached by 2 bolts on each side. Once this is off you can start removing the the cover from the groove. If you are a DIYer, taking the seat apart is self explaintory. Just remmber which screws go where. My '80 300SD's original springs wear of course the old syle, without the 2 coil springs in the front corners. The replacement spring frame had them. It litterally makes the seat brand new when you replace a worn out spring frame. I would recommend while you have the seat tracks all apart I would clean and lube everything to help keep things moving smoothly.
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