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Larry thanks for the response, I was definately not going to start it to hear it. It might be the last start the car ever makes.

I think I'll have my bro take it to the mechanic and let him work it out.

I definately have a feeling its the timing chain getting ready to go bye bye or a valve getting ready to drop into the cylynder...

My bro is not the best person for maintenenace on a car, he usually just drives a car until it dies then gets another, but right now I know he is not ready for a new car even though he has been looking at 1995-97 BMW M3's or 1992-1997 BMW 325IS's.

I keep telling him 500E, but he likes the BMW.

But every time he looks at the bmw's online, I make him look at prices on 500E's. hehe Who knows, maybe I will break him and he'll buy another benz. I keep telling him that the BMW while a nice car, is just way too commmon of a car, thats the reason I went with the 300CE over a 325IS. I wanted the car you don't see everyone from 16 years old to 60 driving.

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