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Well as you all know my dad's problems witht he dealer and his SL600. Now they are telling him that he neews a new tranny at $1700 for the tranny (reconditioned) then install as well.

They say the front pump in it has failed, and cannot be repaired.

Now here is the thing, they just changed the fluid and filter a few weeks ago and it was fine. and now the tranny is gone?

I suspect that they have done something wrong, like put in the worng fluid, let something into the engine lke metal shavings or something, or didn't put in enough tranny fluid. or something like that.

They may not be at fault here, but it seems very strange that this failure happens after he has the tranny fluid and filter changed, which took them 5 weeks to do in the first place.

I hate making assumptions, but I think the dealership is trying to rip him off, or they may have done something to his car in that 5 weeks. I'm not saying they did, but I feel like they did.

They also say it might need a new torque converter. at $3000 plus.

What the hell is going on here?

I'm calling MBUSA tomorrow to lodge a huge complaint.

The car has only 55k miles on it, and has not been driven much by my dad at all. he got the car a year an a half ago with 48k on the car, and has had it serviced meticulously...

What can cause the front trans pump to go out.

They just changed the fluid and filter 3 weeks ago.

What could cause this?

My dad does not drive the car hard at all, and has drivent it maybe 1200 miles since he got it back from the 5 week long 60k service they did, which he got the car back 3 weeks ago.

Please Advise, I'm ready to tear somone at the dealership a new one..

Also before you ask about warranty I have no idea, as far as I know the car does not have a starmark warranty as he bought it from a used car dealer that deals with mb's and other luxury cars.

Are there any service bulletins regarding his tranny having problems etc or is he looking at spending $4000 or more on a the repair?

Benzmac, Aaron, Steve, MB doc, Alain, And the rest of you guys, what do you think?

As you can see I'm pretty worked up by this, my father called me from a business trip to Mexico from his cell, to ask me to ask you guys what you think and what he should do and all.


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