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Vas Ist Schtinkin'?

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning is really what HVAC stands for, but in some cases it means "High Velocity Air Conditioning" like for buildings and such.

I would try the Febreze in the air inlet with the fan on high, and no one in the car, and even possibly spray under the floormats and under the back seat bottom...

In his first book, "Getting Even" by George Hayduke, he tells a story of a wife who found out that her husband was going off on a three week "business trip" with his sexy blonde secretary (who she had just found out was also his mistress). Right after "Daddy" parked his brand-new Mercedes at the airport's long-term parking garage, his loving wife installed some rancid roadkill (ein Skunken) in the glovebox to fester for the next three weeks.

He couldn't sell that car for any amount of money...

And anyone who wants to mess with me, be warned, I have copies of all four of George's "Getting Even" series!
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