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Wink Best reply to a Turbo problem...

In the Mbenz 124 posts, there is a turbo problem reply. I will repost it here as best as I can....
His post: The turbo is probably fine. the problem could be a occluded signal line from the intake to the ALDA, that allows fuel enrichment when boost is present. To pronounce the Turbo as not working you need to connect a pressure gauge and prove that there is low or zero pressure, and then make sure the wastegate is OK. Garrett turbos have a rubber hose to the wastgate, but if that breaks or fails it will not limit power- it will prevent the wastegate from opening and provide too much boost. this will trigger the electrical protection circuit and it will kill the signal to the ALDA.
The ALDA is on top of the injector pump, under the intake manifold. The ALDA requires no maintenance. However the plastic tubing that feeds it does, especially the electrical switchover valve, and the fitting at the intake manifold, both of which can get clogged with soot. Disabling the EGR eliminated the soot problems.
The 124 was found to be the rubber hose to the wastegate that was cracked and broken. The overboost switchover valve was clogged with soot and was also replaced. Problem solved.
I hope this will be of some help to you!
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