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Donald the only reason I think they have done something wrong is that the last time his car was there 3 weeks ago, they had it for 5 weeks to do a routine service and fix a few small things he wanted fixed.

He has no problems with replacing the tranny if need be and its cost. he does however have a problem with it when they tell him it might be an extra 3k or so for the torque converter.

They had the tranny pan off just 3-4 weeks ago and changed the fluid and filter. Now the trans is broken.

It just makes you think that maybe something was done wrong in the fluid and filter change.

Wrong fluid, wrong filter, not cleaning the gasket sealant all the way or leaving some in the pan to get mixed in. Anything of the sort like that might be a cause for the problem.

I am more concerned with their diagnosis than the repair itself.

It sounds very strange to em and to my father that a trans with such low mileage after just being serviced fails.

Somehow it just doesn't add up to a normal breakdown as there was a fluid change within weeks of the failure.

Hopefully someone can shed some light on whether this is a common failure, something very rare, and or something caused by negligence on the dealers part.

For instance maybe they did something that caused the premature failure on accident without knowing it.

My father is not in the best of health, so I have to help him out by dealing with certain stressful situations that could put him over the edge if he were to have to deal with it.

He is just concerned that something is not right with their diagnosis.

I think I will still talk to MBUSA about the matter to see if they can shed some light on why, how, and what could have caused this problem.

They may even be helpful enough to get the dealership down on the price or they might find flaws in the dealerships practices. You never know with these things, but I'd rather not hide in the corner, I want to speak out about it and let them know about it. It might be a fatal trans design flaw that caused it that is only showing after a few years. Maybe there is something in the pump that will fail after a few years. who knows.

These are the things I need to know, especially the how, when, what etc etc questions.

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