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Here In California, It's The Mex Files...

THE MEX FILES Starring...



Odelay, mi madre es . . . Madre? Madre? Que es tu?

Scullerio? . . . Si! Mulderez? . . .Si! . . . Esta bien...


Not IN the tray, homes, UNDER the damn thin' :p

And here, in Cali, our batterias last up to siete years! And sometimes even longer with proper maintenance...

Yo bruddas in Malaysia, you gots to change your batterias every year? That's wack, bro...

But perhaps, Scullerio 'e Mulderez can solve the Mystery of The Disappearing Malaysian Mercedes Battery on next week's episode of, "The Mex Files"!!! SI!
"We drive into the future using only our rearview mirror."
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