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MBUSA, if spoken to politly should help you out if not call a lawyer, I have found that paying $150 bucks for a letter can do amazing things. Also your Dad should call MB personally, no offense but they usually will be more receptive to the owner of the item. I used to cover these things for my Dad when I was in school and had decent success but in these cases, most generally they would deal with me, but a follow up by him would take care of the issue. You definitly should "step back 10 yards" and get your ducks in a row do a little leg work contacting previous owners, pulling a car fax ect. the dealer that sold the car should definitly be put under the microscope. But first because of your other problems MBUSA will help if you talk to them calmly. Remember to have all the Repair invoices and paper work with you when you call that is just good ammo Good luck
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