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Where to get the info...

Here is a web site that will five you info on replacing the head gasket. You will have to explore it in depth, but the info is there. This guy is definitely a good 124 mechanic.

I think he will give you some idea as to how difficult this job is. I did an 87 300 D Turbo once. There are some tools you will need to do the job right. (3mm threaded Pin Pullers) and a set of good wrenches with a torque wrench.
The main thing is to not get the Pump out of time, and that is easily done. One slip and you will be in deep DoDo. Any milage above 100k and you should change the timing chain and tensioner. If you take the head off, you should do a complete valve job on it. You really need a manual and you can do it if you are skilled and careful.
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