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you still haven't made up your mind??


You still haven't made up your mind about the W124 E-class upgrade you want to do?
You mailed me about the mhw grill frame that can be welded to the hood and the possibilities with the head light lenses. Well: when you want to weld that frame to your hood, the current head light lenses can be kept; you do not need the curved lenses with that grill frame (it will just keep in front of the head lights).
However; if I were you and wanted to upgrade my W124 (and I am a kind like you since I am upgrading my W124 right now), I would definitely do it with OEM mercedes parts. Like I told you, my friend had a mhw grill frame welded to the hood of his 190E 2,3-16. There was nothing wrong with the outer appearance or the quality, but it was just...after market...
Just buy a new or used hood, grill and "95 lenses (not 500E) and modify your car. Maybe I think a little too easy about these kind of things because I bought my hood and lenses for only a few $$. I got a new mercedes hood with a little transport damage (it has got a scratch) from a Belgium MB dealer.

If you are not in a specific hurry and do have some time left, you can check my home page about the W124 model upgrade (part#'s and pics) within 3-4 weeks.

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