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As far as little problems go,
My alternator went out at about 85,000. My head had to be rebuilt due to the bad stem seals. My steering box started to come apart, but was rebuildable. My outside tempature gauge is still giving me problems. The front tires can't seem to keep in balance. So far the AC is fine. The heater and cooling system are fine. I keep up with the belts and hoses and the maintance. (although I am far from religious about it, 'cause I'm a dummy) With all this said, the car is 15 years old and has sat for most of it's life in a garage. The prevous owner (I'm #2) never drove it! In 13 years, she only put 62k on the clock. The seals aren't designed to sit dry. I understood that it would need some work when I got it. It may be a Mercedes Benz, and it may look better and drive better than most cars half it's age, but it is still 15 years old and has to be treated accordingly.
Kyle De Priest
2007 e320 Bluetec
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