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It’s not so much having a crystal ball, as merely looking at what routinely happens to a lot of w124 vehicles. It is cool that you’ve skirted some of the maintenance issues that have come to many other owners.

The question I have is what do you do differently, if anything, to be so fortunate? Do you not get a lot of rain where you live and drive? Do you do only hiway trips? Do you accelerate sloooowly? Do you brake slooowly? Do you drive under, at or above the speed limit? Do you drive in a large (population of 800K or more)city? Do you spend a lot of time tinkering with your cars? I have an in-law that will routinely disassemble parts of his truck to examine or clean or upgrade something. He hides a lot of maintenance in the name of projects. Do you do this?

BTW, last summer, if I remember correctly, you had a major problem with one or more of your cars. What turned out to be the fault(s) and solution(s)?

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