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Originally posted by swogee
Sixto, did you mean to say "its worth the price of a crossover pipe gasket and intake manifold gasket"? The car is at the mechanic, and I need to ask them some questions as to where they found the oil leaks. The glow plugs supposedly aren't more than a year old. I can go for replacing an intake manifold gasket and crossover pipe gasket first over a head gasket.
I meant that it's a good gamble for the cost to improve the seal at those joints in hopes that this will clear up oil around the head bolts near the #2 and #3 injectors.

If your mechanic suspects a bad head, he's either good enough to have discounted manifold leaks or unfamiliar with these engines. I'd strongly consider taking the car to some someone more familiar wth these engines if you're not dealing with an expert.

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