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Yes I plan on having the car taken tomy independent MB Specialist who years ago when we had an 87 560SEL, which the same dealership said it needed a new tranny, he fixed it for $300 it was a stupid oil cooler line and the dealership tried to tell us that car needed a new tranny at 75k miles.

My independent left that dealership because of their practices and their can't be fixed diagnosis.

They say the front pump went bad. Fromt he looks of things, it seems like the main seal is bad, and thats where the leak is.

My thinking is that if the pump is available on partsshop fastlane for around $300-$400 then labor and all should not be extremely expensive, maybe like $1000 give or take a bit.

I really would like to get some opinions on how the pump can fail, how likely it is that it failed due to dealership mistake, how likely it is that they used the wrong type of trans fluid or did not clean things properly before putting the trans pan back on when they changed the filter.

And how something like this can happen 3 weeks after a trans service.

All of this has made me seriously think about how something like this can happen.

My dad will get the trans replaced if needed, and all, but he just does not want to be screwed over.

I would send E-mails to benzmac, steve, MB Doc, AAron, MB Stars, etc, but I feel that it would be better for me to let them se this post here and answer it if they want. I don't want to bug them with myproblems in e-mail. The information they could post in here might be helpful to someone else.

So guys, any ideas? Should I just have it taken to my independent?

My dad will callme soon to ask me what I have found out from here, so I am hoping to have some info on costs compared to the dealership, and if the diagnosius by them sems to be totally wrong or completely correct.

thanks for the info so far guys, I'm just concerned that my dad is getting screwed here by the dealer.

I do know my other posts sounded like I was ready to tear someone a new one, and really if they diagnosis by the dealer turns out to be BS, then they will be hearing from my dad after he talks to mbusa. But if they are right on, then thats all I need to hear to calm me down about it.

It just puzzles me that 3 weeks after the car was in for a trans service the trans gets screwed up. The coincidence alone in that makes it hard for me to not try to point blame, but things like this can happen at any time.

I am concerned with their diagnosis being a proper diagnosis. If their diagnosis is wrong, and my dad spends $5000 or so on a new trans and torque converter, then it will have beena complete waste, and I will consider it as bloody highway robbery by the dealer.

I have been telling him for the last year to take it to the independent only, he just assumed the dealer was better because they may have more tools etc, but I seem to think that they are trying to replace something that can be fixed for less.

I guess it all comes down to the old argument of dealers vs independents. The dealers tend to replace things, independents tend to fix things.

i just don't want to see my dad get screwed out of his hard earned money, he spent the last 40 years of his life, working 20 hours a day on average, nearly 7 days a week to get what he has today, and I hate to see him have to work more now that he is not in the best of health to be able to work like that now. He is a borderline diabetic with heart problems, and had an angioplasty done 2 years ago instead of having a bypass done, and so he cannot over exzert(sp?) himself much because if he does he will have chest pains.

So essentially I help him out as much as I can to try to reduce the stress on him when having to deal with stresful situations.

He does not really go into his office anymore at all and only travels now for his clients, but does nto deal with all the day to day operations of his business anymore because when he comes to the office and starts getting hammered with this and that being brought to his attention he starts to feel chest pain and has to leave and relax.

Well enough about my dad's problems. But you guys do understand what I am looking for.

Is the dealerships diagnosis correct?
Does the front pump fail often?
Does it really need a torque converter if the pump failed?
Are the prices ok or are they ridiculously priced?

Thanks for the help and I do apologize for writing such long messages.

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