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My dad spoke to the service advisor and was told this..

The main seal is leaking. The trans is very harsh when going into gear (i.e) reverse, and he recommends replacement because:

a: They have to drop the tranny to do the seal
b: since engaging gear is firm or harsh as the guy put it, the trans should be replaced.

So essentially they have changed their story from the main pump to the main seal and have changed from needing torque converter to replacing the trans because reverse engages firmly or harsh as the guy put it.

My dad has a meeting with the dealership on monday. I had him threaten to call MBUSA, and they guy immidiately changed the story on what needed to be fixed.

Sounds like MBUSA should be called regardless because if he had given them to go ahead to fix it today, he would have ended up with a $4000-$5000 bill for a new trans and torque converter.

So now the service advisors list of whats wrong and needs to be replaced has changed somewhat.

So on monday my dad will be deciding on what to do.

He values the information I will be providing him from here, so if any of you techs got some info for me that you can get to me by then, I would appreciate it.

Arming my dad with more knowledge about it before he caves and opens up the wallet, will assist in him getting the problem dealth with.

Also I think if he does need to do the trans, he should get it done at the dealer so it has a warranty.

Either way, he might just decide on the trans because of the firm gear selection, but when I moved the car on tuesday night for him, it did not seem harsh at all.

So essentially I think they are making more excuses, but I think I will pop in on monday and have the service advisor show me another sl600 and how it engages gear for comparison. If it really is very harsh then maybe he should change it.

I just don't think that a main seal requires a trans rebuild or a replacement.

But since they said the labor would be the same, he might as well just do it.

Does that seem strange to you?

Thanks for all the replies so far, the opinions have really helped me open my eyes, and have helped me stay calmer than I was.

I'm the kind of person that will overreact at first then as I do more thinking or research, I tend to calm down and see things differently.

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