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There are many threads covering this issue and I am sure if you do a search you will find a lot of help.

Although, since I own the type, I can tell you quickly:

1/- Be sure the A/C evaporator is working properly (good A/C cooling and no leaks). Although the evap on W124s did not leak as bad as on W140s, I had to change mine on my wagon when it was only two years old and with less than 10,000 miles on it (the work was done under warranty).

2/- Rear self leveling suspension. Do a test drive, be sure ride is NOT bouncy at all. Check for leaks EVERYWHERE. Any work on this subject could mean $$$.

3/- Check for water filtration. Wagons, don't know why, tend to leak badly on window seals (especially at the rear side windows at the cargo bay area).

4/- Fold the rear seat and check the all the parts work fine and effortlessly.

5/- Check for all the infamous oil leakages in the 104 engine.

6/- Be sure the auto transmission shifts smoothly and there no serious leaks of hydraulic oil.

7/- Check all electrical systems (windows, radio, antenna, etc.) These are not as realiable as there should be. Be sure BOTH rear speakers (installed on doors) work.

8/- Check the sunroof, also an Achiles heel on this type.

Hope these hints can help you.
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