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(9) Engine wiring harness....made from recyclable materials (what a good idea!) and the wire insulating material decomposes. In fact the whole car has this type of wire but the deterioration happens faster when the wires are exposed to heat (ie engine). Hopefully it was replaced or it's approx $700 for the part alone. This will almost certainly need to be replaced if it hasn't already. Telltale sign.... check wires coming into top of thermostat housing for insulation cracks.

(10) Throttle actuator. Same problem as above, but doesn't seem to have the same high failure rate as the wiring harness. Don't worry until you notice symptoms. But part is $1000!

(11) OVP (OverVoltage Protection) relay; a smallish electrical part located just aft of the battery. Original part was defective and should be replaced (it probably has with 120K on it). Do a search for part #s, it's only $30 or so, simple plug in item.

(12) Misc electrical gremlins recurring rather frequently. The most recent in my case is my climate control unit (the push-button unit on the dash).

By the way, a new AC evaporator will run >$2K. Be prepared to shell out some $$ unless some of this stuff has already been done!

1995 E320 wagon
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