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I guess I didn't make myself clear. I know how to bleed the clutch and the brakes. My question is, if I use the power bleeder, will it blow the clutch reservoir hose off of its push on fitting.


I'm very impressed that you are only eighteen and managed tor rebuild your diesel. I got my first car when I was thirteen for $12.50 and made it run. In those days you could get your drivers license when 14 if you took the Driver's Education course.

When I say my daughter can bleed brakes and clutch, I mean that she can operate the brake pedal properly and follow my instructions.

She did replace the front brake pads on her car the weekend before last with a lot of supervision. I was impressed how well she caught onto using some of the tools. She was almost done and we ran into a caliper problem. I had to get the calipers off of the parts car and put them on, so I took it from there, but she would have done the job almost entirely herself had we not had the problem.

I was surprised she didn't break a nail or one of those kind of glamour girl things. I was proud of her.

Thanks and have a great weekend,
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