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The mirror lid on the driver's side visor of my '83 300D is broken. I bought the car used and don't know what the color name for my interior is. The numbers on the radiator brace tag are:

2168664 2
123133 12
46 1
09720 410 531 803
103091 H 440 546
0 467 588
2 932 H 491 593
504 639

I know the 932 is the Lapis Blue paint color. I went to the Geocities/Motor City/Speedway site to decipher the codes. There's a wealth of information there but it seems weak on W123 chassis. Many of the codes for my car aren't there and some are confusing like the "elimination of first aid kit" which someone must have forgotten to perform the elimination. Anyway can someone help me determine what the interior color scheme (which numbers/official color names)is? The seats are a tan MB-Tex. The dash is deep navy blue and the carpets are a tan.
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