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Why, Thank You...

Well, I try to be creative, and I'd like to think that I sometimes crack somebody up, but the truth is that I have also ended up locking horns with a few people on this forum from time to time. If someone posts some comment that I feel requires rebuttal, I just can't help myself. What can I say? I enjoy debate... :p

We're all interested enough in our cars that we spend a reasonable amount of time asking questions, sharing experience, and (hopefully) correcting misconceptions here on this forum. I try to make sure that I put a lot of research into information before I contribute it here.

This has become a daily addiction for me. I check my email every day, and when I do, there's always updates to threads listed there. This leads me to read the updates, make (I hope) appropriate comments, and check out new postings.

What really annoys me is when I'm telling someone about something I read on this forum, or about a current thread under discussion, and that person makes some comment about information on the internet being unreliable, or how people intentionally leave inaccurate information on forums just as "taggers" leave spray painted grafitti on public and private property. UUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

As to battery tray placement, the W126 was built after the W116, and if Mercedes chose to move the battery back by the firewall, they did it for a reason. My guess would be that it was primarily for safety in the event of a collision.

And after reading Gary's post again, I may owe him an apology. The way it reads to me, he was suggesting having the battery sprayed, but if he meant to indicate having the tray, and the area under the battery sprayed, I could understand that. But Gary, seek help anyway just to be sure.
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