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Got a few questions re/ the m103 2.6 vs the 3.0, my roommate is an MBZ mech and he says there the same but for some reason the head is not interchangeble -and cannot provide a reason why-. Before I get into the Q's, here is my objective: I want to bump the displacement of the 190e m103 2.6 motor (90'+) using OE internals.

1)What are the block differences other than cylinder size (deck height, main bearing width) between the 2 motors?

2)Barring any major unforeseen variances, could the 2.6 block be milled to accept the standard 3.0 piston -I think the 2.6 is 83mm and the 3.0 is 89-, is there enuff block material, would pin height be an issue?

3)What is the crank stroke and rod length difference?, basically could the 2.6 block be milled to accept the 3.o internals w/o changing compression?

4) If this simply wont work what in your opinion be the largest DEPENDABLE cylinder rebore for the 2.6 block?

Any and all comments and opinions are greatly appreciated, thanks for the great forum!
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