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ok, tried it:

1. car running
2. temp wheels to white area
3. pressed left and right auto buttons and waited 20 sec
4. pressed Rest for 5 sec
5. pressed Auto and the numbers appeared. I wrote them down, and they seem normal. The interior temp (#1) is nice too...funny watching it change when I put my hand over the sensor and hearing the AC kick in as the temp increases. only works once after starting the car, to do it again, I have to turn the car off and back big deal.

I can't do the one for the DTC codes though, and I only get 1 through 9 and #16..not the 50 like in the 95 model S class.

nice to have..I always wanted to know useless gauge readouts...and I hope I dont have to use them to see what might be wrong..

Chris Doko
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