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In the mid 80's when I was in elementary school in Czechoslovakia. One evening we were coming home from our cottage and we were already in the streets of Prague and suddenly my mom said something like "oh my God, hurry close the ventilation, it's a diesel!" If I remember correctly it was a W123 diesel in front of us and I thought that car was cool and I didn't think it smelled bad at all (I was one of those who actually liked the smell of bus exhaust). Then the maintenance guy in our apartment complex bought himself a W123, though it might have been a gasser, but nevertheless an impressive car, I thought.

After that I gradually stopped paying attention to Mercedes, but in the spring of 2001 while looking for a used car on Ebay, my obsession with Mercedes was suddenly resurrected when I saw a W123 diesel, but this time the obsession seems permanent.
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