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my first mercedes memory....i was 5 years old and my grandfather had just bought a beautiful 85 300SD....i was in love with the car...whenever we would go to church i would always want to ride with him and sit on the armrest in the back seat....i remember the smell, it had a distinctive smell inside the car that was soo nice....i can remember telling my grandfather that i wanted a car just like it when i grew up...

flash forward 19 that car is mine, and i love it even more now than i did runs just like it did in 85, maybe better...STILL has that wonderful smell that people always comment on and ask what kind of air freshener i use...i just grin, and thinking of that smell takes me back to the days of sitting on the back that says something about a car...if both youre first ever memory and youre latest one are of the same car, that is something me it is,anyway......this car will never be for sale, for any price....and maybe one day my kid will be sitting on the rear armrest asking me if he/she can have it when they grow up....
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