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sticky fingers

Get real close up and inspect it ...use a latex glove
and feel around the COLD engine, then look for oil
on your glove, then wipe off the suspect area and
repeat the exam some other day to confirm whether
there is oil or not.
A small hand mirror and flashlight also can help
a visual insp.
You warranty seems to state that it will replace the
'gaskets' if it is secondary to repairing some other
failed part in the engine.
As per your quote. You can always claim that your
head is warped (not you, tour car..) and it needs
to be replaced or repaired such that the inevitable
is that the head gasket needs to be removed and replaced.
This was the case for an american car I owned 12 years ago
very near the end of the manufacturer's warranty.
My cost $125.. new head and by the way, new gasket...

Let me know how your warranty co. reacts. I'm interested
in how to contact them to see if I can get an extended
warranty for my C280!
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