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Y. M. Sin:

If you have checked everything on your car and it is all in order, and the problem only occurs in traffic, it may not be from your car. Atmospheric researchers have determined that if a car is stuck in traffic for more than 5 minutes, even with the air conditioner on recirculate the air inside the cabin will become much more polluted than the outside air. It seems that pollutants and fumes seep into the car past the foam AC seals and rubber door and window seals, and concentrate inside the car.

You could test for this by taking the car into the country or the top level of a parking structure away from other cars, and simulate a "1 car traffic jam". If there is no odor when away from traffic, you may have found the problem. If this is it, let me know, as I have been investigating adaptation of a hospital HEPA and activated charcoal unit for use in the car when the air is on recirculate, and would be happy to send you the plans. Good luck on the problem!

(By the way, I saw on ChannelNewsAsia that Minister Lee Kuan Yew and the mercurial Gus Dur seem to be on cordial terms again, at least until next time!)

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