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3rd to 4th shift

Greetings John,

I wish I had an answer to your problem but feel that we both may share the same problem. I have a 300TD that if I let it shift by itself, I feel 1st to 2nd, and 2nd to 3rd, but no shift feeling from 3rd to 4th, like it happens without notice or not at all. I tried manually shifting it, and all seems well, except I don't think it downshifts under a load going up hill unless I punch it to the floor to engage the downshift switch. Shouldn't it down a gear with the tranny linkage from 4th to 3rd, and the switch on the floor from 3rd to 2nd? You would think as you are losing RPM's going up hill that it would downshift to keep your rate of speed. Any info you can provide would be great. If your's operated fine before this problem, I would suggest draning the tranny fluid and replacing the filter to get perhaps the gummed up valves loosened by some new fluid flowing through it. I personally think I need to get my linkage fixed first. Maybe you can shed some light on my problem, as I haven't owned this oil burner long enough to know how it should respond.


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