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I have some more questions on the Ignition Control Unit. I have taken my car back from the shop that had been working on it and have decided to tackle it myself. They have claimed that 2 of the units I brought them were bad and have claimed that is the problem. Anyhow when I was working on the car today the wires at the coil had 12.5 volts flowing to them when the key was on and no voltage when the key was off. If there is voltage when the key is on does that mean the unit is good or what? I have cleaned the crankshaft position pickup plug and have tested the resistance which tested good and the coil is new. The coil wire and the spark plug wires seem to be in good condition, the distributor is in good condition and the piece in the middle that sends the juice to the rotor is good and the spring is still intact. The rotor looks good and all that. Now I am pretty much lost, I have looked at nearly everything you guys have told me but I am still not getting any spark at all. The ignition control unit that was on my car in the first place was part number 004 545 44 32, when I ordered the igntion control unit (over the phone) they said they were going to send me part number 008 545 64 32 which they said was an upgraded part, but sent me part number 005 545 85 32 which they also said was an upgraded part. Did I get the wrong part or could it just be a coincidence that I managed to get 2 bad used ignition control units. Thanks for putting up with my questions so far and thanks for your help.
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