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Well, it has been over a week now and the car has been driven every day (a total of 150 miles give or take) in all conditions and ALL systems are functioning just fine and not a hint of an ASR light. Considering that prior to "reboot" the ASR was rearing it's ugly head every 4-6 miles, something has to to be made of this. Does this mean that reboot is a cure for all ASR problems, most definetly no....but I would sure consider it as a "first try" if you get one out of the blue.....particularlary if you are experiencing other electronically-controlled system failures for no reason. My fingers are still crossed, but I'm thinking with every passing day (of no ASR tbls) that there was no problem other than what engineers call "unexpected results" from whatever sensor input that caused it for whatever that sounds scientific for sure!
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