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On Feb. 17th ... NashvilleDrummer wrote:
>I am replacing the front bumper cap on my 1986 560SL. I have everything removed necessary for replacement with one exception. How do I remove the two front push bumpers (push guards)?
I have removed the two nuts on the bolts below the bumper for the push guards. That did not do it, perhaps there is a secret release? What else is necessary?<

Come on guys. I posted this yesterday and no one has even read the question much less answered, yet I see all kinds of other trivial requests getting tons of response. I may not have some cool handle like: Stud Muffin, or Goldie Locks or be a "thread club" member, but I do have a 560 with the front bumper half dismantled and need some help!
I tried the MB dealer on Friday and they had no tech manual (print or CDROM) in stock.
Surely one of you guys have the manual and could at least answer my question so I can get back on the road!

1986 burgandy 560LS
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