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OK here is the deal. Flame me if you want to, but I don't care. I am changing the bulbs in the car. I have OEM HID lights and I want to change the rest of the bulbs.

The main beams are H7 and are easy to get out. These will be chaged to either Phillips VisionPlus or Phillips Blue Vision.

I can't get at the foglights, so I don't know the bulb type, but these will be changed to Phillips All-Weather bulbs. White foglights do nothing in the fog. Anyone know what bulb type these are?

That brings me to the parking light or "city light" in the headlight below the main beam. If I go with the Blue Vision bulb, I want to change the bulb to a Blue Vision bulb, except I can't get it out. I didn't want to pull too hard and break off the wires. Anyone got any ideas? Anyone know what kind of bulb it is?

Thanks a bunch.

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