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I have a 98 C200 which was showing the coolant warning lamp constantly. It needed a new instrument cluster as correctly identified by the techs on this forum and my dealership.

However, the dealer had to get the part on back order from Germany. After a week or so, I get a call, my car is ready. When I pick it up, the locks don't work and it doesn't start: flat battery. I assume someone left the courtesy light on or a door ajar but as I drive home I notice that the warning lamp is still on. When I park up and shut off the engine, the cooling fan starts up. That's the cause of my flat battery!

To be fair, the dealer was excellent at this stage: at 6pm on a Saturday they send a flat 60 miles to collect my car and drop off an A-Class (a very good car, btw). But it should never have happened. They fix the problem this time, but it takes another three days. Turns out they put the old instrument cluster back in the car first time round and sent the new one back to Germany for examination!!

But then today (four days and 750 miles later), I washed the car. I popped the bonnet to wipe down the engine bay: what is lying on the top of the motor but a ten inch ratchet spanner extension!

Is this usual MB service? What's the best way to handle this? I was very happy with the deal I got on the car from this dealer and am loathe to go elsewhere.
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