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How about the Fuse?

Dorsey, the obvious is the fuse.
If the roof hasn't been used for some time, as last fall season, it may be stuck on the rails that should have been lubed regularly.
To move the roof, into the trunk with you and on the driver's side, behind the side panel, via a small opening, you can manually crank the roof into motion.
The wrench is in the tool kit. If my memory is right it is a 13mm hex on the drive for the motor. The direction for move is labelled.
If the roof moves to the open position, spray a lubricant on the exposed rails and work the roof open and closed until you have enough motion to apply more lub.
Replace the fuse if it is open and try the electrical switch for motion.
If this hasen't totally confused you then drop back ten and scream real loud.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from Houston!!!
Donald, El Cheapo
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