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Was trying to take off my wheels today and one of the lugs was frozen, and I mean so frozen that I fear nothing will get it off.

Well to put a long story short, lets just say this, that lug bolt is so frozen it seems like it has fused with the brake disc.

It broke my 4 point lug wrench, and even broke a brand spanking new socket while trying to remove the lug bolt.

I'll be taking it in to the tire shop tomorrow so they can try to get that puppy off and at the same time I'll have them loosen the other ones and torque them by hand.

If need be I'll replace the lugs and all but man my day was a waste.

I was all set to pull them so I could do some inspection of the brakes and see if it was possible for me to do my springs myself.

So essentially my day was completely wasted.

I guess I'll take care of some business in the morning, then get those lugz loosened and put back on with proper torque so I can remove them, then go pick up a better socket for my torque wrench and pick up a new lug wrench if needed.

What a lame day for me. My whole reason for getting out of bed today was basically a waste of time. I shoulda just slept in.

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