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Originally posted by Tangent
like the company hate my job

can you say repedative unloading boxes out of trailers is not fun. but having full time benies paid by the company at part time is great, "thank you teamsters"
and promation fromwithin is all ways a plus, i know one guy who washed brown
trucks for 20 years before he went to full time "out of choice" i make enough to get buy my avitare pic was taken when i pulled a duble helping a Brown truck driver....hard work but not boring

I love MY job. I pack fudge all day long. I pack the fudge in the chute till it's packed in tight, then open the door on the chute and push the loaf of fudge out the chute.

Then BROWN comes and takes my fudge and sends it to all parts of the world. BROWN sure makes my job easier! If it weren't for BROWN I might not even BE a fudge packer!

(the preceeding was heavily based on a recent skit on MADD TV)
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