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Rebuttle to the flame

Actually, the Phillips Blue Vision lights that I am referring to have exactly the same light output as the OEM Phillips halogen bulbs that are in the high beam right now. You can find the information and specs on the bulbs at

Since the car already has the OEM HID low beams, which give the Canadian car European spec headlights, the light output is already amazing.

I do know of the cheap "Blue" imitation HID lights, and the Phillips are nothing like them. The produce an almost white light, with very little blue. See this link for more info:

I have these bulbs in my MK4 Jetta (which has European spec lights) and there are terriffic. However, I do appreciate your reply and just wanted to set the record straight.

Since you do not like the Blue Vision lights, I suggest that you look into getting some Phillips Vision Plus high beam bulbs if you want even more lighting performance. These are not sold in the States, but can be found in Canada. The easiest place to get them is at

Now if I could only get the bulb info
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