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Donald With your inspiration I will of course work to do it right. Thats why I plan on having my tire shop take off the lugs, then I will have them tightened enough so I can drive the couple miles home and take them off again to do my little bit of car work I wanted to do.

I will then of course use some anti seize, and torque the bolts down the right way to the correct specs, and will re torque them as needed every 3-5000 miles as you said.

What I had said above was it was the first lug I tried, the others loosened with some effor but they loosened. When the other one still wouldn't budge, I tried other methods and it just didn't happen so I tightened everything back down.

More than anything I was bummed to have lost a sunday of pleasurable DIY stuff.

Oh, and the ol tub always feels great on the road, solid, stable, and I can take my hands off the wheel with no correction to straight line movement.


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