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Before I discovered MBs, I believed the ideal car for my kids when they were 16 was the '84 Celica GTS. Almost 3000 lbs, 4 wheel disk brakes, 225/60 vr 14 tires, and a 4 cyl pick up truck engine. Slower than many in acceleration, but the car could out corner most 3 series BMWs.

My daughter complained it was too slow (why is it always the daughters complaining about speed, and they get lower insurance rates because they are "safer drivers"?). I told my daughter she had 3 choices:
1. Drive the Toyota while paying for her share of the insurance, gas, and washes.
2. Drive anything SHE could afford to buy, insure, and maintain on her own.
3. Walk.

She complained about the choices. I told her that my parents response when I said I needed a car at 16 was "so who is stopping you - buy your own". When she wasn't impressed by this logic, I recounted in graphic detail my experiences working in an Emergency room at 16, and what had happened to several male and female friends I saw in the ER after their parents had bought them fast cars. After she got her color back and came out of the bathroom, she opted for choice number 1, and quit complaining.

With my improved knowledge from this forum, choice #1 would have been a W123 or W124 diesel.

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