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As father of a "post teenager" (who is now 24 and who got a ticket for doing 95 in a 55 zone in a Ford Escort), I refer you to a study by UNC (or maybe it was NC State) several years ago that showed females 16-24 years of age to be THE most aggressive drivers on the road. Buy a W123 diesel, or maybe an older W126 six cylinder gas or diesel 300SE/SEL/SD/SDL. The W126 is a notch better (and bigger) than a W123 regarding crash protection, and the straight six 300 gas engine is particularly reliable, as witnessed by the smaller 300E series. Only problem with a W126 is cranky and expensive a/c systems. Don't get her a V-8, they are too fast and probably out of the price range for a beginner's car. It won't be as cheap a ride as a W123 diesel, but it will be a safe one.

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