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Davis Lo
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I think the best choice is a 1.8 or 2.0 190E and indeed they are very safe enough plus it is a small baby Benz that looks not too mature and big for a young lady.If she wants something looks more "fancy", how about a BMW E36 318i sedan? Runs on petrol, very simple designed and easy to work on, solid structured but looks fancy that may appeal the young like your daughter. The performance is like or a little bit slower than an usual 1.6 japanese sedan- 2900+ lbs with 115bhp, 18.4kgm, 0-60miles @11.2sec...I tried one for a week and it couldn't be fast at all and it is a very ideal choice for your criteria and shouldn't be any complaint from your daughter. But I am not sure the price of it in US.Just my opinions....
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