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From a loose nut to a tight bolt

Ofcourse you follow the instructions for your torque wrench and relax the tension.
A typo in that I said 13mm when we all know the lug bolt head size is is 17mm.
I don't use a six point they reduced the positions I can place the ratchet or torque wrench on the bolt.
I use a standard Craftmans 1/2 inch drive deep socket, 17mm.
To loosen and remove the lug-bolts I use the deep socket and a Craftman 1/2 inch square drive loooong flex ratchet.
I never allow the tire shops to use thier impact wrenches on my lug-bolts. I loosen them and tighten/torque them at thier shop using my tools.
I torque to 85 ft/lbs, the true torque is 81 ft/lbs.
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